The Group provides a forum where both professionals and non-professionals with a responsibility for Health & Safety within their workplace can keep up-to-date with current legislation and the latest methods of safety management.

We invite speakers to each meeting to give a presentation on an important H&S topic and we supplement these meetings with two seminars per year.

The annual subscription is company-based and anyone in a member company can come to our meetings.

Annual subscriptions:

  • Companies employing over 250 employees = £75.00
  • Companies employing between 6 and 250 employees = £50
  • Companies employing 5 or fewer employees = £20

In addition we welcome:

  • First year students on recognised H&S courses such as NEBOSH or degrees = FREE
  • 2nd and subsequent year students, retired and unemployed individuals = £15
  • Charities, subject to approval by the Group’s Committee = FREE

All new company members will be offered a free H&S questionnaire-based review of their workplace.  This review will be undertaken by a Chartered Safety Practitioner to highlight some topical issues and to help establish opportunities for improvement.  (No liability is accepted by the auditor or HOHSG for any information contained in the review.)

To join, please complete complete an Application-Form-2019

If you need further information, please contact the General Secretary ( or come along to one of our meetings.