About Humberside Occupational Health and Safety Group

The Group was instigated in 1934 by a small, pioneering band of people to reduce accidents and instill the principles of safety as a moral as well as statutory obligation.

The following aims and objectives, as originally instilled, are still proudly followed by the Group:

  • To develop and stimulate the spirit of danger alertness in employer and employee.
  • To afford the opportunity for the sharing of ideas and accident prevention.
  • To devise ways and means of accident prevention.
  • To foster the spirit of co-operation between employer and employee in accident prevention.
  • To assist in the establishment of a safety organisation or any form of accident prevention in the workplace.
  • To encourage the recording of accidents for the purpose of analysis and comparison.

H&S legislation, safety standards and techniques have changed a lot since 1934 but the Executive Committee Members work very hard behind the scenes to ensure the Group meets its objectives with an interesting, varied and diverse programme of meetings and seminars and an annual awards event to celebrate the success of the participants and winners.