Wednesday 10 July 2024 Group Meeting

Details of the topic for the next Group Meeting, Members and non-members welcome

The Occupational Health Paradox – Maximising Productivity Whilst Ensuring Compliance

Hosted by Jack Latus, CEO of Latus Group

Join us for an enlightening discussion delivered by Jack Latus, the visionary Co-founder and CEO of Latus Group. With his extensive experience in occupational health and a passion for fostering safe and productive work environments, Jack will delve into the intricate balance between maximising productivity and maintaining strict compliance with UK health and safety regulations, to ensure that your business is positioned to deliver sustainable performance in a challenging labour market.

Key Highlights:

Gain insights into the seemingly conflicting demands of productivity and compliance and learn how they can be harmonised for the benefit of both employees and employers.

Discover cutting-edge approaches and best practices that leading organisations are implementing to navigate the complexities of workplace health across a diverse workforce.

Hear compelling case studies and success stories from various industries, illustrating how proactive occupational health management can drive business success.

Explore the emerging trends and technologies shaping the future of occupational health and understand how to stay ahead in an ever-evolving landscape.

Walk away with practical tools and strategies that can be immediately applied to enhance the health, safety, and productivity of your workforce.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from one of the industry’s foremost experts. Whether you’re a health and safety professional, a business leader, or an HR manager, this presentation will equip you with the knowledge and inspiration to transform your organisation’s approach to occupational health.

Wednesday 10 July 2024 Registration & Refreshments 13:00 Start 13:30 Latus Health, Hull Rugby Union, Chanterlands Avenue, Hull,  Hull HU5 4EF.

Secure your spot today and be part of the conversation that’s shaping the future of workplace health and safety.

About the speaker – Jack Latus

Jack Latus is the Co-founder and CEO of Latus Group, a renowned leader in occupational health services. With a deep commitment to improving workplace wellbeing, Jack has dedicated his career to developing innovative solutions that promote safety, productivity, and compliance. Under his leadership, Latus Group has become synonymous with excellence in corporate healthcare, now acting as a key advisor to UK Government (DHSC) on the subject of Innovation to improve access to occupational health.


Wednesday 5 May 2024 AGM and Group Meeting

The 90th Annual General Meeting took place at Latus Health, Chanterlands Avenue Hull.

Over the last year 1 member was forced to resign when the Organisation she worked for ceased trading in Hull and closed their premises. Two other committee members did not offer themselves for re-election due to personal reasons. Bill Leigh thanked them all for the service and commitment to the Group.

The remained of the existing members all offered themselves for re-election. The were duly elected on en-bloc. Those elected were – Terry Chiswell, Ray Fraser, Lauren Bonaus, Jon Coneybeare, Gary Harris, Ian Hayward, Jack Latus, Bill Leigh, Becky Patrick, Jennifer Sewell and Colin Smith.

The chairman highlighted the lack of members and attendees for the Group and meetings. A number of suggestions were put forward and the Executive Committee agreed to investigate these.


The AGM was followed by the Bi-monthly meeting where the topic was ‘The Menopause’ which was given by Angela Smith from Hull City Council, her presentation can be found in the members section. The session gave members an insight of what Organisations should be doing to assist their employees who are suffering from the Menopause.


GROUP SEMINAR Wednesday 10 April 2024

Venue – Latus Health, Ferens Ground, Chanterlands Avenue, HULL, HU5 4EF,

It’s tough at the top

Come and join the team from Sewell Law for an interactive seminar about the roles and legal responsibilities of directors and senior managers responsible for health and safety.

The seminar will be informative for all organisations from SMEs to national companies.

We will cover the key legal responsibilities and explore how those in leadership positions can find themselves in hot water if an incident occurs.

By reference to a real case, we will examine what happens when a director or senior manager is prosecuted and look at some recent penalties received by those in leadership.

Not to be missed.


GROUP MEETING Wednesday 13 March 2024.

Our next meeting on the 13 March 2024 commencing 13.30 and will be held at the Latus Health, Ferens Ground, Chanterlands Avenue, HULL, HU5 4EF, and topic will be UV Awareness. With the expected hot summer looming SC Johnson are starting their UV Campaign again.

This presentation is designed to be delivered outdoor workers and companies that employ outdoor workers. However, it is an important topic and can be used to raise awareness to anyone.
The aim if the presentation is to raise UV awareness. The audience will gain a better understanding of What you UV is, the benefits of UV and the risks associated with UV.
By the end of the presentation the audience will be able to:
*    Understand why UV protection is important
*    Understand what UV radiation is
*    Understand the benefits and risks of UV
*    Feel confident to protect themselves against UV



The HSE have started their ASBESTOS Campaign by issuing the following leaflets,

The duty to manage asbestos is a legal requirement.
Dutyholders must protect people from the risks of
exposure to asbestos, including people who work
in/on or visit their buildings.

011524 Asbestos Your Duty – HSE Asbestos Resources

011524 Asbestos Your Duty Campaign Toolkit Final LR




New Criteria for all awards will be posted and sent to members soon


Following the Group’s Meeting on the 1 November 2023 it was decided to move all our future meetings to the 2nd Wednesday of the month. This decision came about due to a number of members asking for the change because they hold monthly meeting, monthly reports are due etc. As we always hold the January meeting on the 2nd Wednesday of the month due to it being after the new year break, the first meeting that will change will be the March Group Meeting when the presentation will be UV Protection Campaign, in anticipation of a hot summer.

It was also decided that we will not set the full year of topics but just the next 2 or 3 meetings. This will allow us to be more flexible and put topics in as they arise.

Jan 10  Mental Health Paul Longley of Think Mental Health  [Please note the correction in the date and the speaker’s organisation]  This presentation will be aimed at both male and female employees

March 13  UV awareness presenter  SC Johnson Professional

April 10 (Seminar) It’s tough at the top – Director & Manager responsibilities – presenter Sewell Law

May 8 (AGM) Menopause – Our options – presenter Angela Smith Hull CC

Annual Awards

The Annual Awards are back. We have revamped the Awards and you will be able to enter them on-line. Full detail will be sent to all Members. The awards will be open to Members and Non-Members



Are you ready for Halloween?

Many people will be putting on costumes and carving pumpkins for the spookiest night of the year next week, so here are a few of our top tips to make sure that the Ghost Busters are the only people you’ll need to call this Halloween. ????

Check costumes before you purchase them – many costumes are made out of flammable materials.

Wear bright colours – a person in dark clothing crossing the road can be hard for motorists to spot.

Remain vigilant whilst driving – there may be many small groups of people crossing the roads.

For more information follow the link below:



GROUP MEETING – 1 November 2023

This Meeting, again, will take place at the Latus Health, Hull RUFC, LTS Leisure Ferens Ground, Chanterlands Avenue Hull, HU5 4EF. Please note it is next to the Crematorium and NOT the YPI Ground. Please Park in the first Car Park and enter the building from the Pitch Side.

TOPIC – Workplace Drug and Alcohol Awareness

Duncan Carmichael, Sales Manager, Agriyork400 Ltd.

Agriyork400 Ltd are a Yorkshire based supplier of many of the components of drug and alcohol testing.

Duncan is a member of the European Workplace Drug Testing Organisation Technical Committee. In 2015 this committee reviewed and improved many aspects of the guidelines for oral fluid, urine and hair testing. Last year these guidelines were ratified and now cover urine, oral fluids, hair and breath testing.

This presentation will review the current status of workplace drug testing, in the field, in the office and on the roads.

There will be an overview of legislation and a summary of best practices in this field, and how and why the impact of drug use in the workplace is to be considered, and after the talk there will be a practical drug testing session.

Seminar 11 October 2023 commencing at 13.30

This Seminar will take place at the Latus Health, Hull RUFC, LTS Leisure Ferens Ground, Chanterlands Avenue Hull, HU5 4EF. Please note it is next to the Crematorium and NOT the YPI Ground. Please park in the first Car Park and enter the building from the Pitch Side.

Members and Non Members welcome

Speaker – Jon Coneybeare  MA, BSc (Hons), CFIOSH

Safety Culture Masterclass

Jon is a highly respected and chartered fellow of IOSH with over 40 years experience in the defence industry with the last 30 being in senior safety leadership roles.

Following assignments in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australia, Jon now spends his time helping organisations develop a generative safety culture where safety is integral to the way things are done by capturing the ‘hearts & minds’ of all employees.

In this presentation, Jon will share the learning from his career journey with fellow professionals and organisations that are looking to enhance their current safety culture journey, including a mini safety perception workshop.

As Jon is on the HOHSG Executive Committee, this is a one off, one hour FREE safety culture masterclass not to be missed.

“What’s important to you will become important to your team”

RoSPA Survey
RoSPA are asking people to complete a short survey on Carbon Monoxide Please open this document then follow the link at the bottom.
GROUP MEETING 6 September 2023

“HEALTH RISKS AT WORK,” presented by Latus Health.

In today’s fast-paced world, employee health and well-being have become paramount for businesses to thrive. This meeting aims to address the critical issue of health risks in the workplace, offering valuable insights and strategies to promote a safer and healthier work environment.
Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn from the experts at Latus Health and discover innovative strategies to address health risks at work. Together, we can foster a culture of well-being and productivity in the workplace.

Speak with industry leaders, experts, and health specialists in dynamic panel discussions. Gain a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities in promoting workplace health.

Case Studies and Success Stories: Discover real-world examples of organizations that have successfully implemented health and safety programs to reduce health risks and enhance productivity.

Join us for an engaging and interactive meeting, where you’ll have the opportunity to network with industry peers, ask questions to the experts, and gain practical knowledge that can be applied in your workplace.

Note: Should your payment for the group not already been made, you may be turned away from the seminar so please check before attending. If in doubt contact one of the committee who will do our best to help you.

Any questions just let a member of the HOHSG team know, we look forward to speaking with you soon!


Wednesday Sep 6, 2023 ⋅ 1:30pm – 3pm (United Kingdom Time)


Arco National Distribution Centre, Henry Boot Way, Hull HU4 7DY, UK


GROUP MEETING 5 JULY 2023 to be held at ARCO’s NDC, Henry Boot Way, Priory Road. Hull, HU4 7DY commencing at 13.30.

The presentation is around – ‘Hazardous waste, the legislation and how
it is managed to reduce its environmental impact’.

The presenter will be Steve Ward who is a director at Tanglewood
Environmental Limited, his company support and advise Ashcourt waste
management senior team on anything regarding their environment impact.

What is hazardous waste.
How it is classified.
How it is managed.
Legal implications

The speaker is

Steve Ward
Tanglewood Environmental Limited.



We have been informed about a free training session at Hull College
on 8th June 13:00-16:00.

I know its short notice but it could be useful to members with mental health and wellbeing at work now getting the exposure it needs.

It’s part of Humber Business week.


April Seminar new date 14 JUNE 2023

The seminar that was delayed in April due to road works at The Sewell Group has been relocated to ARCO’s NDC, Henry Boot Way, Priory Road. Hull, HU4 7DY commencing at 13.30.

The seminar will be split into 2 sections:-

1st will cover Manual Handling – back pain & musculoskeletal disorders

2nd half will cover The REUL Bill

The Seminar will be held on Wednesday 19 April 2023 commencing at 13.30.

Members & Non-Members are welcome to attend this Seminar.

Please e-mail Colin (csmith72@csmith72.karoo.co.uk) or call 07968 093842 to book your place/s

2023 AGM

The Group’s AGM took place at The Sewell Group Geneva Way Leads Road Hull on 3 May 2023.

During the Meeting the Executive Committee was re-elected with the Officials being agreed by the Committee as per the Group’s Constitution.

President –    Karl Mearns, ARCO

Chairman –    Bill Leigh, Sewell Group

Vice-Chair-    Jeff Swales, Rrada

Secretary –    Colin Smith, Retired

Treasurer-    Bill Leigh, Sewell Group

Committee-   Ian Hayward, Hull City Council; Ray Fraser, GB-BIO; Jon Coneybeare; Becky Patrick, Sewell Group; Sharon Phillippi, Fenner Dunlop ECS UK; Jennifer Sewell, Sewell Law; Terry Chiswell, Greenlight Training; Lauren Bonaus, The Power Plus Group.

Finally Gary Harris, Abbey Construction Consultants Limited was elected on to the Committee

The meeting was informed that due to not charging membership fees for the past 2 years the Group had made the small loss of £500.00 over the last year.


At the April Committee meeting we received the sad news that Barry Clinch would be resigning from the committee with immediate effect to enjoy his retirement.

Our Chairman said of Barry

‘After 17 years’ service on the Committee of the HOHSG, Barry has decided to ‘retire’ from the Committee.  Over the years Barry has become a most valuable member of the Group.  His HSE Newsletters and his updates on latest changes to legislation and HSE Prosecutions have been a highlight of our bi monthly meetings.  His ability to communicate very serious issues / accidents in a factual but tastefully humorous manner has been a gift.
Barry will remain a member of the group and we will hopefully see him occasionally at meetings.
Barry will be missed but we wish him a long & happy retirement’.

The Gas Safety (Management) (Amendment) Regulations 2023 have now come into force

The new laws related to the transmission and distribution of gas in Great Britain came into force on 6 April 2023.

Full Leaflet in members section HSE Publications 04-12-23


Unfortunately we have been informed by Sewell’s that Geneva Way is having it’s road surface relayed the week of our Seminar and there is very little Parking and no access to the Car Park.

Therefore we have decided to postpone the Seminar until June. We will publish the exact date, time and location of the event when it is finalised.

We do apologise for any inconvenience this may cause members and their guests



We have just received a further RoSPA document on the  RUEL Bill

03-17-2023 – RoSPA REUL Briefing Document




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