Stress – John Richardson – 10th October 2018

The presenter, John Richardson of John Richardson Training identifies stress as both an employers’ and an employees’ issue.  This seminar discusses organisational responsibilities and options whilst considering the significant upside in addressing stress in your workplace.  John is an experienced, thorough, motivational speaker (some of you may remember his tiredness/sleep seminar a couple of years ago) and is willing to discuss issues that may have cropped up in your organisation.  Well worth coming along … and a free cold buffet to start with!

*This seminar is all the more relevant following the publication of a Mind report on stress in the workplace which reveals that half of all employees (and that includes senior managers) have experienced a mental health problem in their current job.  To tackle the issue, The Duke of Cambridge has teamed up with several mental health organisations to launch a free resource aimed at improving staff wellbeing – check out the Mental Health at Work ‘gateway’.  The resource is much-needed, it would seem. As many as 300,000 people lose their job each year due to a mental health problem. Furthermore poor mental health at work costs the UK economy between £72bn and £99bn.

*Separate research by Mind found one in three employers do not know where to look for information and guidance, and Heads Together research shows that just 2% of people were prepared to talk to HR about mental health.  But being a supportive manager can make a huge difference.  Managers who felt their employer supported their mental health, or actively learnt about supporting team members with mental health problems, were far more likely to feel confident in promoting staff wellbeing.

This follows on from an earlier survey that 38% of NHS staff feel unwell due to work-related stress – more info here    The NHS is not alone – stress is one of the most commonly reported cause of occupational health in Britain, accounting for 40% of all work-related ill-health causes, and 49% of all working days lost due to ill-health in 2016/17.

*Acknowledgement – paragraphs taken directly, more or less, from the Mind website.

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ALL WELCOME BUT PLEASE CONTACT THE SECRETARY IF YOU INTEND TO ATTEND (to ensure adequate food supplies or special requirements, thinking vegetarian or gluten-free).  Secretary’s email address: