Sick Building Syndrome

Is SBS still an issue in the office?  It was in the 90s but has greater awareness made it a thing of the past?  If your office employees are suffering from allergy-type symptoms and higher than expected sickness absence then maybe it’s due to SBS.  According to the i newspaper (25/8/16) it is caused by “volatile organic compounds” or VOCs such as acetone and formaldehyde coming from paint, furniture, photocopiers, printers and even dry-cleaned clothes.   But research by Dr Vadoud Niri of the State University of New York has shown that plants can absorb a lot of these VOCs.  Dr Niri tested the bromelaid (the best all-rounder), Dracaenia (best for acetone), jade plant, spider plant and Caribbean tree cactus.  All proved effective so why not invest in a couple of these unpaid workers for duty near the photocopier – it might clear the air.