Meeting Report – 9th January 2019 – Driving

Meeting Report – Wednesday 9th January 2019 – Group Meeting + Topic:  Driving – Reducing the Risk

With about 25 members in attendance, Sue Smith from Humberside Fire & Rescue Service, representing Safer Roads Humber (SRH), gave an excellent presentation on driving safely.  She informed the group that fire engines urgently driving on blue lights and sirens could be going to a road traffic collision rather than a fire, hence Sue’s involvement with SRH.  Many accidents are due to SMIDSY (Sorry Mate, I Didn’t See You) as it appears on police reports.   Sue presented many tips on preventing “accidents” and, as a highlight, gave members a chance to experience a high speed crash using SRH’s virtual reality headsets – a superb experience, very realistic and scary.

You can contact Sue and the SRH team to discuss a visit to your organisation at  Also checkout